Game Art
36 Months
Category: Gaming
Duration: 24 months

The Only Centre in East India to Offer This Course.Get Dual Certification from Arena and Unity after completion of the course.

Arena Animation offers career-building courses in game design and development. The courses cover all aspects of game design from conceptualizing a game idea to publishing a game. Developing Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) experience using Unity is another integral part of Arena’s courses.
While the game design course is customized for creative people like you, who are interested in designing their own 2D or 3D games with Unity 2D/3D Game Kit, the game development course gives you the insights into how to design games across genres and development platforms. Get the skills at Arena and embrace new-age careers in gaming.

  • Basic Shapes & Sketching Techniques
  • Anatomy Drawing
  • Lights, Color and Perspectives
  • Digital Painting
  • Character Design and Development
  • Principles of Animation

  • Overview & Interface of Unity Game Engine
  • Concept Design for Game Character
  • Concept Design for Game Environment
  • Creating Game Environment
  • Creating Game Environment Textures

  • Game Prop Modeling
  • Game Prop Texturing
  • Game Character Sculpting
  • Retopologizing Game Characters
  • UV Mapping of Game Characters
  • Texturing of Game Characters