Animation VFX Program
36 Months
Category: Animation & Visual Effects
Duration: 27 MONTHS

Animation-VFX Prime is dual domain course that trains you end-to-end in all aspects of animation and visual effects to make you a job-professional. It gives you a thorough grounding in the fundamentals and techniques of VFX, animation – 2D and 3D, typography, digital filmmaking, Fx, and Dynamics & Simulation. The Indian animation and VFX industry is expected to be worth Rs.151.8 billion in FY2023#. This means that the trained and skilled animators and VFX artists are in demand, and the recruiters will come looking for you on completion of a comprehensive course like Animation-VFX Prime.

  • Digital Design
  • Concepts of Design & Composition
  • Lights, Colour & Perspectives
  • Concepts of Cinematography & Photography
  • Application of 2D Animation Principles
  • Anatomy
  • Clay Modeling & Animation
  • Character Designing
  • Audio
  • Video Editing
  • Storytelling & Script Writing
  • Storyboarding and Animatics
  • Pre-Production Design Portfolio

  • 3D Basics
  • Modeling to Animation
  • Digital Modeling with Maya
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Texturing 3D Models with Maya
  • Lighting and Rendering Models with Maya
  • Rigging 3D Models with Maya
  • 3D Character Animation
  • FX Dynamics & Simulation
  • Photogrammetry & 3D Printing
  • Working with Arnold Renderer
  • Digital Compositing
  • 3D Portfolio

  • VFX Storytelling & 3D Pre-visualization
  • Introduction to Nuke
  • Rotoscopy
  • Roto Paint & Wire removal
  • Keying (Green/ Blue screen)
  • Matte Painting
  • Matchmoving
  • VFX Compositing with Nuke
  • VFX Portfolio